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The Consultants’ Network of Northern New Jersey (CNNNJ), founded in 1992, assists independent consultants connect directly with client engineering companies and inventors, bypassing the traditional “middlemen” and third-party providers.

Client Benefits

  • Searching the CNNNJ membership database by keyword – FREE
  • E-mailing a project requirement or technical question to all CNNNJ members – FREE
  • Browsing the CNNNJ profiles of member consultants and directly contact consultants of interest – FREE
  • Linking to the National IEEE Consultants’ Network (AICN) and dozens of other IEEE Consultants’ Networks across the country. – FREE
  • Linking to archives of IEEE-CNNNJ Feature Presentations covering a wide variety of technical and consulting-related topics – FREE
  • Linking to relevant reference material on Consultant Rate surveys and topics such as starting a consulting practice or efficient use of consultants. – FREE

CNNNJ Member Consultant Benefits

  • Leveraging their marketing budget using CNNNJ online professional profiles and promotional direct mailing campaigns intended to drive potential clients to this site
  • Increased professional image and credibility increased by close association with the IEEE and the CNNNJ Code of Ethics.
  • Networking with other CNNNJ members to find work and support for your practice.