Aldo G. Cugnini

Aldo G. Cugnini
Digital Video/Audio, Patent Due Diligence

AGC Systems LLC
94 E Springtown Rd
Long Valley, NJ 07853-3367

Tel: (908) 867-8550


Digital Video and Wireless Systems
Intellectual Property Due Diligence
Government Regulations

Video Systems
> Video and audio product development
> Wireless and Internet systems development

Intellectual Property
> Investigation of intellectual property claims, assertion and licensing
> Reverse Engineering of digital hardware and software
> Patent Claims Mapping and Charts
> Radio-controlled aircraft including collective-pitch rotorcraft

Technical and scientific photographic services
> Video and still real-time and time-lapse photography
> Long distance microphotography

Government Regulations
> Interpretation of rules
> FCC and NTIA Filings

Other capabilities
> Amateur radio operator
> RC aviation
> Amateur astronomer
> Musician

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