Ed McCauley
Xilinx Certified FPGA Design & Training Partner

Bottom Line Technologies Inc.

Telephone: (888) 945-4691

Email: sales.cnnnj@bltinc.com
Website: bltinc.com

Bottom Line Technologies (BLT) is a full service Design Services Firm
BLT is Xilinx’s EXCLUSIVE Authorized Training Partner in the Northeast and
BLT is one of only 5 Xilinx Certified Design Alliance Partners

Bottom Line Technologies (BLT) is a 20-year old engineering & training company focused on Xilinx FPGAs.

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Design Services:
BLT is one of only 5 US companies certified by Xilinx. We have provided 100s of FPGA, board, and system designs for commercial, industrial, and military/IC clients. We also have personnel suited for government contracts.

Our mature processes avoid common mistakes that put projects and schedules at risk.

Training Services:
Experienced engineers & managers know a single issue can quickly set a project behind schedule. Fortunately, training can avoid many common problems.

As Xilinx’s exclusive training partner from in the region, BLT has trained close to 1,000 engineers the silicon, software, and best practices of Xilinx FPGAs. As a result, they’ve increased their design stability, device performance, and density while lowering power consumption. We’ve even trained a new Xilinx employee.