If your are a presenter at a CNNNJ meeting, “Thank you!”. These are some basic requirements for being ready to present and to put on a “great show”.

General Assumptions

  • The presenter will be self-sufficient and ready to start.
  • Will bring and use their own computer, tablet, etc.
  • Will navigate their own presentation.

Hardware Assumptions

  • Any computer, tablet, etc., which the presenter understands fully.
  • The device must output HDMI, directly or via an adapter.
  • The HDMI output is tested beforehand. (Can test using via a spare HDMI input on a computer monitor or a television.)
  • Display adapters, remote mice, etc., can be picked up locally, and often inexpensively, but should to be tested beforehand.

Additional Assumptions

  • Don’t assume we have any-and-all adapters which can work.
  • Don’t assume we can read any file format, or any version of a file format.
  • Please have ready an export of your presentation to an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file, which can be displayed “if all else fails”.

It’s all about being glitch-free, and us all looking professional.