Meeting Archive

Some time around May of 2020 we added a registration plugin to our website and it changed the way event notices are handled. Events from the prior event plugin are not displayed in the new event system so meeting notices from May 2020 and older are provided in this archive for reference . Events from June 2020 to the present can be found on the Events tab.

Meeting 2020-05-14Solving Health and Environmental Challenges
Meeting 2020-04-09 The Coronavirus Pandemic: What are the Options?
Meeting 2020-02-13 Smart Career Management
Meeting 2019-12-12 Annual Elections and Planning Meeting
Meeting 2019-11-14Designing and Making Custom Arduino Boards
Meeting 2019-10-10 3D Printing Technology and Business Implications
Meeting 2019-09-12 Small Business Insights
Meeting 2019-06-20Arduino Fundamentals Highlights
Meeting 2019-05-16Understanding Motors for Drones and Servos
Meeting 2019-04-18Can learning ham radio make for better engineers and software developers?
Meeting 2019-03-21Introduction to Consulting
Meeting 2018-09-12Networking for Introverts, Extroverts and In-Between-Verts
Meeting 2017-06-08Solar Energy Management
Meeting 2017-05-07Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ
Meeting 2017-04-14Simulation Assists Hardware Development Productivity and Lowers Risk
Meeting 2017-01-12Getting Started in Consulting
Meeting 2016-11-10Fearless Public Speaking
Meeting 2016-09-13Adventures and Misadventures in Musical Electronics
Meeting 2016-05-12Building Your Startup Business on the Cloud
Meeting 2016-04-14Internet Hokum
Meeting 2016-03-10Current-Fed Switchmode Power Supplies
Meeting 2016-01-14Building Modern Websites in Hours
Meeting 2015-11-12Funding Sources for Business Start up and Growth
Meeting 2015-10-08NJ Corporation Forms for Independent Professionals
Meeting 2015-06-11Patent Law Changes for Technical Professionals
Meeting 2015-05-14Side-Scan Sonar for Underwater Imaging
Meeting 2015-04-09Internet of Things
Meeting 2015-03-12Digital Video
Meeting 2015-02-12Setting Your Consulting Rate? Is there a Right Way?
Meeting 2015-01–08Writing Winning Proposals
Meeting 2014-06-12Simulation-based Design of Devices to Augment Human Movement
Meeting 2014-04-10Financial Crisis of 2008