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Meeting 2020-05-14Solving Health and Environmental Challenges
Meeting 2020-04-09 The Coronavirus Pandemic: What are the Options?
Meeting 2020-02-13 Smart Career Management
Meeting 2019-12-12 Annual Elections and Planning Meeting
Meeting 2019-11-14Designing and Making Custom Arduino Boards
Meeting 2019-10-10 3D Printing Technology and Business Implications
Meeting 2019-09-12 Small Business Insights
Meeting 2019-06-20Arduino Fundamentals Highlights
Meeting 2019-05-16Understanding Motors for Drones and Servos
Meeting 2019-04-18Can learning ham radio make for better engineers and software developers?
Meeting 2019-03-21Introduction to Consulting
Meeting 2018-09-12Networking for Introverts, Extroverts and In-Between-Verts
Meeting 2017-06-08Solar Energy Management
Meeting 2017-05-07Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ
Meeting 2017-04-14Simulation Assists Hardware Development Productivity and Lowers Risk
Meeting 2017-01-12Getting Started in Consulting
Meeting 2016-11-10Fearless Public Speaking
Meeting 2016-09-13Adventures and Misadventures in Musical Electronics
Meeting 2016-05-12Building Your Startup Business on the Cloud
Meeting 2016-04-14Internet Hokum
Meeting 2016-03-10Current-Fed Switchmode Power Supplies
Meeting 2016-01-14Building Modern Websites in Hours
Meeting 2015-11-12Funding Sources for Business Start up and Growth
Meeting 2015-10-08NJ Corporation Forms for Independent Professionals
Meeting 2015-06-11Patent Law Changes for Technical Professionals
Meeting 2015-05-14Side-Scan Sonar for Underwater Imaging
Meeting 2015-04-09Internet of Things
Meeting 2015-03-12Digital Video
Meeting 2015-02-12Setting Your Consulting Rate? Is there a Right Way?
Meeting 2015-01–08Writing Winning Proposals
Meeting 2014-06-12Simulation-based Design of Devices to Augment Human Movement
Meeting 2014-04-10Financial Crisis of 2008