Jay P Morreale
Electro-optic circuit designer

p-brane LLC

Tel: (732) 822-9253
E-mail: consultant@p-brane.com
Web: www.p-brane.com

High-speed electro-optic circuit design
Precision analog control, sensing, and monitoring circuit design
Controlled impedance circuit board design and layout

I’m a professional designing electronic circuits and systems for communications, sensors, power, and undersea applications providing:
• Trade-off studies with technical and financial optimization objectives.
• Support business model and fund raising activities.
• System architecture and design.
• Interactive mathematical modeling with Mathematica.
• Design to reliability requirements.
• Background in nanotechnology, graphene, and semiconductor devices.
• Circuit design with analog, high-speed digital, fiber optics, discrete devices, RF and microwave devices, and interfaces to FPDAs, DSPs, and processors.
• Component surveys and selection.
• Schematic capture and SPICE simulation.
• Layout prototype boards and R&D semiconductors masks.
• High level assembly of prototypes into modules or systems.
• Test and evaluate electrical, thermal, and functional operation.
• Write detailed test and analysis reports.
p-brane is a small NJ business registered on sam.gov, NSF, and NASA.