Software, Embedded Sys, DSP, FPGA Design

RLC Designs, Inc.
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  • Software / Real-time Embedded Systems
  • FPGA VHDL/Verilog designs for high speed DSP
  • GUI development in Visual C++/Visual Basic .NET

RLC Designs, Inc. has been serving its customers with complete engineering solutions since 1987. Recent work in software, algorithm, and hardware design and development for telecommunications and medical test equipment. VHDL/Verilog designs targeting Xilinx Virtex FPGAs for high-speed DSP, software for wireless telecommunication and satellite test equipment, CDMA design analysis targeting FPGAs and TI-TMS320C6X DSPs. Recent designs include software to control communication via Ethernet, GPIB IEEE 488.2, and USB.

Embedded systems: 68HC11 for security system, PIC and 8051 microcontrollers, hardware integration. RTOS and multitasking programming for 68HC11 interfacing RS-485, Dallas TouchMemory, and RF transmitter/receiver. DSP designs: speech recognition, active noise canceling, FIR filtering, and FFT analysis. C/C++ and assembly for 80×86 and TI-TMS320CXX.

Our services include algorithm and system design, MATLAB/Simulink modeling, and technical documentation.