Peter K. Schutz, P.E.
Mechanical, Thermal and Fluid Systems

Schutz Engineering Corp.
11 Pleasant Road, PO Box 144
High Bridge, NJ 08829-0144

Telephone: (908) 463-7343

  • Engineering Design and Analysis
  • New Product Design and Development
  • New Product Testing

Schutz Engineering Corp. has been in business developing new products since 1985, specializing in instrumentation, medical and laboratory equipment. Besides electronics, some other areas of expertise include: mechanical components and systems, plastics, pneumatic and fluid systems, thermal design and analysis, packaging of electronics, enclosures, process control systems, CAD and prototypes.

Our association of more than 80 technical people includes: electronics, mechanical, optical, and chemical engineers, chemists, metalurgists, technicians, designers, software programmers and machinists.

Some of the more than 100 projects completed have included: an automated parking lot computer, blood analyzers, defibrillator, blood pressure monitor, surgical equipment, ventilator, laser-diode test equipment, remote process monitors, pumps, control panels, waste fume analyzers for the steel industry, automated process equipment, moisture meters, and a spectrofluorometer.