Ralph A. Giffone
RF/Microwave/IR, Analog, Embedded, Sensors, Control

RAG Electronics Design Services
436 Washington Ave,
Montclair, NJ 07042

Telephone: (973) 370-0290

Email: rgiffone@alum.mit.edu

RF/Microwave, Analog, Digital and Embedded Circuit Design
Sensors, IR Remote Control and Communication, Battery Powered Devices
Electromagnetic Compatibility, Worst-case Analysis, Design of Experiments

RAG Electronics Design Services specializes in the design and analysis of analog circuits and systems, and in the design of embedded systems. We are experts at troubleshooting and use a systematic approach to solving problems.

We can assist you with all phases of electronic product development, including component-level circuit design, prototype evaluation, documentation, test equipment design, and safety, EMC and telecom agency approvals for U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Our wide-ranging experience encompasses the following areas:

Design of sensors, signal conditioners, instrumentation, battery powered devices, communications circuits (IR, telecom, RF, AC power-line), IR remote control, power supplies, amplifiers, filters, control systems, phase-locked loops, digital and microcontroller circuits.

Design for EMC and Safety Compliance. Digital Signal Processing. Design of Experiments. Worst-Case Analysis. Statistical Analysis. Reliability Analysis. Mathcad, MicroCAP, SPICE.