Robert Walker, P.E.
Analog, Mixed & Embedded Design

RD Walker Engineering
750 Westbrook Road
West Milford, NJ 07480-4409

Telephone: (973) 728-0344
Fax: (973) 728-1353

  • Analog, digital and embedded control circuit design
  • Wireline and optical communication systems, calibrators, telemetry
  • Power distribution, teleprotection equipment,Industrial controllers

RD Walker Engineering has been offering analog and digital circuit design services since 1987. Our expertise includes sensing, conditioning and control equipment, utilizing discrete design as well as embedded controllers and FPGA’s.

We specialize in communication systems and develop equipment for telemetry and power line teleprotection. Other projects include industrial process controllers and instrumentation, remote sensing, power distribution and home automation.

Beyond circuit design, we offer complete product development services, comprised of production assistance, product reviews and debugging, as well as hardware/firmware integration. We have extensive experience in customer training and field troubleshooting.