Digital Video

On March 12th the IEEE Consultants’ Network of Northern NJ ( will present Aldo Cugnini who will discuss digital video.

About the Topic

The distribution of video content to consumers was once handled by analog means, over wireless broadcasting, hardwired cable and physical media. Today, this distribution takes place in digital form, over media that includes the Internet. Digital video content distribution is possible because of advances in compression and transmission systems. This talk will present an overview of these digital systems, as well as an introduction to the various business and regulatory issues that are shaping the future of content distribution.

About the Speaker(s)

Aldo Cugnini is well known in the digital broadcast industry, and has held various technical and management positions at Philips Electronics, CBS Laboratories, and other technology companies. His achievements include ten patents in the fields of broadcasting and consumer electronics, with three additional patents pending. He had a leadership role in the development of the ATSC Digital Television System now deployed in the United States, for which Philips shared an Engineering Emmy Award. Aldo is the Principal of AGC Systems LLC, now in its 12th year as a video and audio technology consulting firm, with capabilities including technology development, intellectual property analysis and defense, and technology writing. Clients have included Fortune-500 broadcast and consumer electronics companies, legal firms and market research firms. He was also co-founder of VimiONix LLC, a company developing services for interactive wireless devices. Aldo holds both a General (Commercial) Radiotelephone License and a General (Amateur) Radio License (W2AGC). He lives in Northern NJ with his wife and two daughters. Aldo can be reached at or at 908-867-8550.

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Thursday March 12, 2015 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Morris County Library, 30 East Hanover Avenue, Whippany, NJ

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