CNNNJ Meeting Procedure

Creating the Meeting

  1. Establish the topic ⇔ Obtain a speaker
  2. Get Speaker’s biography
  3. Get Speaker’s topic description
  4. Create Zoom meeting
  5. Create draft meeting notice
  6. Create a meeting notice on the CNNNJ website Events page and CNNNJ Google calendar
  7. Create meeting notice on vTools and generate an eNotice on vTools
  8. Send MailChimp meeting Announce email
  9. Import registrants contact info into MailChimp
  10. Send MailChimp reminder meeting notice with Zoom link
  11. Send MailChimp final meeting notice with Zoom link just before the meeting

Preparing for the Meeting

  1. Select member to be meeting host
  2. Create meeting “script” with speaker introduction, agenda, and meeting announcements
  3. Update speaker with meeting status
  4. Request speaker presentation as backup

Running the Meeting

  1. Welcome everyone, and promote the CNNNJ to attendees
  2. Ask people to enter their status in Zoom chat: NEW, RETURNING, IEEE, IEEE CNNNJ
  3. Read meeting agenda
  5. Hold Q&A session
  6. Say “Thank you”
  7. Promote next meeting
  8. Let people network and socialize in Zoom
  9. Save Zoom chat

Following-Up After the Meeting

  1. Create attendee list and make a report to vTools
  2. Import last-minute attendee list to MailChimp (database)
  3. Send a “Thank You” to the speaker
  4. Create and send out a survey to the attendees and speaker via SurveyMonkey.
  5. After two days, send a reminder to attendees to complete the survey