Curious Emergence of Pi Illustrates Power of Phase Space Analysis

Why do colliding blocks compute pi?

In honor of “Pi Day,” a recent posting by Grant Sanderson at 3Blue1Brown illustrates the power of phase spaces to approach real-world engineering problems. See the video here.

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Aldo Cugnini is well known in the Digital Television (DTV) industry.

Prior to launching AGC Systems, he held various technical and management positions at Philips Electronics’ Research and Consumer Electronics Divisions, and at interactive television developer ACTV (now part of Nagra). While at Philips, Aldo had a leadership role in the development of the ATSC digital television system (and its progenitor, the “Grand Alliance” digital HDTV system), and was a key member of the Advanced Television Research Consortium (ATRC) HDTV development team.

Prior to his DTV work, Aldo developed various audio, content delivery and broadcast technologies at CBS Laboratories. He was also Chief Engineer at WKCR-FM and a broadcast engineer at WABC and WPLJ, all in New York City.

He is an active member of the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), has served as Adjunct Professor of Engineering Technology and Engineering Science at the County College of Morris in New Jersey, and holds FCC Commercial General (formerly First Class) Radiotelephone and Amateur General Radiotelephone (W2AGC) Operator’s licenses.

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