* Microcontroller Software Design (HiTech C, CCS C, C30 or Assembler)
* Microcontroller Hardware Design (PIC, dsPIC, 8051, others )
* Ethernet, CAN-Bus and RS485-based Control Systems

Since 1978, XL Research has delivered designs used in such products as cordless telephones, experimental solar homes, high-speed printing machinery, industrial lighting controls, fire alarm systems, and a multi-processor control system for a US prison.

XL can take projects from initial conception through first production prototype utilizing its experience in:

* Microcontroller Firmware (C18, C30, HiTech C, CCS C or ASM)
* Microcontroller Hardware (PIC, dsPIC, 8051, others)
* Full PIC and dsPIC Microchip© Family Support
* Ethernet, CAN-Bus and RS-485 Systems
* Wireless Data Transmission (RF, IR, AC Power-Line)
* Telephony, Lighting and Motion Controls
* Industrial Controls and Smart Sensors
* Analog/Digital Design
* PCB Design

At XL’s facility in Randolph, PC-based platforms are combined with Microchip© devtools to provide a full range of design capabilities including schematic capture, PCB layout/milling, hardware and firmware development and documentation.