Remote learning

The latest issue of HellowWorld has a series of articles on remote learning during a pandemic from educators in the US, UK, and India. Topics include

  • Behavior management
  • Engaging students
  • Debugging Scratch
  • Boolean algebra
  • Unplugged activities
  • Free online resources

HelloWorld is a free publication and is published by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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I have a small business providing electrical system engineering, design, R&D, modeling, prototyping, and networking services. Some of my past projects include an undersea power and communication junction box for an undersea observatory application, fiber optic delay line, an undersea transceiver design study, an actuator driver, and adapting software to control a 6 axis alignment robot.

Before consulting, I worked at AT&T bell laboratories and Lucent Technologies designing undersea telecommunication and optical networking hardware. I co-founded Red Sky Systems which made regional undersea systems.

When I'm not consulting, I study nanotechnology to develop my own products (graphene based terahertz light source). This effort has led to learning Mathematica for modeling device physics and learning to fabricate devices at a nanofab. To learn more, please see my profile on LinkedIn.

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