Consultants and Guest Menus

Two new menu have been added to the CNNNJ website. The Consultants menu replaces the old Member menu and lists all users with current CNNNJ memberships. The Guest menu is new and lists all CNNNJ guest users. This Guest menu is only visible to users that are logged in.

Consultants Menu

The Consultants menu will take visitors to a list of current CNNNJ members. The list of members is sorted by activity on the site by default. To see all CNNNJ members, sort alphabetically. To appear on the active member view, members must log into their account at least once to be seen. The CNNNJ member profiles are generated by BuddyPress plugins, mostly.

CNNNJ Consultants Memu illustration
The CNNNJ Consultants menu leads to a list of CNNNJ members

Guest Menu

The Guest menu is only visible to logged in users and shows a list of the guest users. To see all guest users, sort the guests alphabetically. To be seen as an active guest, the user needs to log in at least once and perhaps periodically to maintain active status.

CNNNJ Guest Menu
CNNNJ Guest menu page

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Before consulting, I worked at AT&T bell laboratories and Lucent Technologies designing undersea telecommunication and optical networking hardware. I co-founded Red Sky Systems which made regional undersea systems.

When I'm not consulting, I study nanotechnology to develop my own products (graphene based terahertz light source). This effort has led to learning Mathematica for modeling device physics and learning to fabricate devices at a nanofab. To learn more, please see my profile on LinkedIn.

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